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This website contains updated information only for those corridors actively in construction, the Southeast Rail Extension and North Metro Rail. All other content on this website is meant for historical purposes only and may not be up-to-date. Please visit RTD-Denver.com for the latest information about RTD.

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Recommended Station Locations

Recommended Alignment and Station Locations

Recommended Alignment
A recommended light rail alignment has been developed based on the project Purpose and Need statement that was developed in 2008 and reviewed by the public at the October and March 2009 meetings. This alignment incorporates work done during this and prior studies, as well as input from a variety of stakeholders throughout the corridor.

The Southwest Corridor Extension extends the Southwest Corridor Light Rail Line from Mineral Station to Lucent Boulevard in Highlands Ranch. The light rail alignment detailed in the Preferred Alternative is  double-tracked along the 2.5-mile
extension. The alignment continues along the west side of the UPRR and BNSF
railroad lines south of Mineral Avenue until just north of County Line Road.
Here, the alignment will be elevated on a structure that spans County Line Road,
both railroad lines, C-470 and CDOT's proposed flyover ramp to C-470. The
alignment returns to grade south of C-470 and continues east parallel to the
highway in predominantly RTD and CDOT rights-of-way. The alignment terminates
near Lucent Boulevard.
There is one minor stream crossing, three road crossings, and one railroad crossing along the extension, all of which are grade-separated. At County Line Road, C-470 and Erickson Boulevard, the alignment is elevated above the roadway. The alignment also crosses over both the BNSF and UPRR freight rail lines. Importantly, the alignment does not interfere with the High Line Canal path and will be configured to maintain the C-470 bike path.

Recommended Station Locations
Station locations were determined through an interactive process with the project partners and the public. Factors used to determine stations include ridership, parking availability (where applicable), and access for patrons connecting to the station via transit, automobile, pedestrian and bicycle modes.

The development of a station footprint requires close coordination with RTD to determine how a particular station fits operationally into the system-wide bus and light rail service plan. Consideration as to how a given station works within a series of stations, the spacing needed between those stations, the operations at each station, and how a particular station fits in with the local and regional bus connections are critical for providing a smooth transition between all modes
of transportation.

The station location and footprint under evaluation includes:

C-470/Lucent Station
The end-of-line station at Lucent Boulevard will be equipped with a park-n-Ride facility. A combination of surface and structured parking will accommodate up to 1,000 cars initially and will be accessed from Plaza Drive. Automobiles constitute the primary mode of access to Lucent Station, but the station design also facilitates pedestrian and bicycle access. Lucent Station will include kiss-n-Ride drop-off and bus transfer areas near the platform.

Intermediate Station
An intermediate station that is not a part of the FasTracks plan is also being considered. This station would be located in the southeast quadrant of the Santa Fe
and C-470 interchange and include a kiss-n-Ride loop, bus transfer area, and
approximately 440 parking spaces.

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