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About the Project

The West Rail Line is a 12.1-mile light rail transit corridor located between the Auraria Campus in downtown Denver and the Jefferson County Government Center in Golden. It will serve Denver, Lakewood, the Federal Center, Golden and Jefferson County.  The West Rail Line is the first FasTracks corridor under construction and will be the first to open on April 26, 2013.

The West Rail Line travels through a series of parks in Denver on the east end of the alignment, through residential neighborhoods along 13th Avenue in Lakewood, through the Lakewood Industrial Park, onto the Federal Center site, and along 6th Avenue to the Jefferson County Government Center on the western end of the project. 

West Rail Line Maps
General map
Detailed corridor map
West Rail Line Flyover

Project Elements
Bicycle/Pedestrian Path 
Light Rail Vehicles
Traction Power SubStation

See additional fact sheets to learn even more about the project!

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