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Summer 2013 Quarterly Newsletter

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Eagle P3 Project Quarterly Newsletter - Summer 2013
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Making Tracks: RTD Installs First Rail

Perspective photo of tracks laid along the East Rail Line

The first stretch of track was installed in Denver at East 56th Avenue.

The first stretch of rail on the Regional Transportation District's (RTD) East Rail Line was installed at 56th Avenue and Peña Boulevard the week of July 15 by Denver Transit Partners (DTP) construction crews. This is the first rail to be installed on the 36-mile Eagle P3 commuter rail project.

From this point, installation will continue north and east toward Denver International Airport (DIA), passing over Tower Road, E-470 and Peña Boulevard. The rail will be placed on concrete ties and ballast. The ties hold the rail in place and the ballast, crushed stone that forms the track bed, absorbs movements caused when the trains are running and reduce ground vibration. On the bridges and at other select areas, the rail will be installed on concrete blocks, or plinths, to provide stability on the structures.

After rail installation reaches DIA, the construction will move south from 56th Avenue toward Aurora and eventually into downtown Denver at Union Station.

The rail and concrete ties were produced in Colorado, with the rail made from recycled steel in Pueblo and the ties manufactured in Denver. This highlights the commitment of the Eagle P3 Project to job creation and the use of locally sourced and recycled materials whenever possible.

To see photos of the track installation, please visit:

EAGLE P3 Project Economic Impacts

Through June 2013, RTD's Eagle P3 Project has added more than $533 million to the local economy:
  • Equipment, services, supplies-$258 million
  • Subcontractors-$275 million

Photo of construction of drainage line across BNSF Railway track

Installation of two 71-inch drainage pipes underneath the BNSF tracks.

BNSF Railway and Eagle P3 Project

Collaborate for Quick Work 

Suspending freight train operations is a rare occurrence for a railroad operation. But that is exactly what BNSF Railway did for the installation of drainage systems under the BNSF track and the future Gold Line and Northwest Rail line Westminster Segment tracks. Through close coordination with BNSF, DTP was able to complete construction, allowing freight train operations to resume after just a six-hour shut down. The work took place east of Pecos Street at 62nd Avenue.

The Gold Line/Northwest Rail shares the existing rail alignment with BNSF Railway through northwest Denver and Adams County. The drainage project, which took place near the future Pecos Station, included the following:
  • Cutting and removing BNSF track
  • Excavating a trench
  • Installing two 71-inch drainage pipes
  • Re-welding the freight rail
  • Reopening the freight railway

Collaborative efforts such as this with local jurisdictions and railroads play a vital role in construction of the Eagle P3 Project, which consists of the East Rail Line, Gold Line and Northwest Rail Westminster Segment. DTP is committed to working with all stakeholders for continued success and project completion in 2016.


Photo of commuter rail pilot car at Hyundai plant
One of the four project pilot vehicles

RTD's First Commuter Rail Cars Get Moving

The first completed commuter rail cars for RTD's Eagle P3 Project moved under their own power for the first time in recent testing at the Hyundai Rotem plant in Changwon, Korea. Four pilot cars were completed and integrated testing of their components was conducted. Steel shells of the first dozen production vehicles will be sent to Hyundai Rotem's assembly plant in Philadelphia in early September. A total of 56 rail cars will be assembled for RTD at the Philadelphia plant, and then shipped to Colorado by rail.

It was a rainy morning in late May when the first train set - two cars joined in a "married pair" - moved down a test track in Changwon. When they're running on RTD's new commuter rail lines in 2016, they will always operate in pairs, with sets of either two- or four-car trains. Passengers will be able to move between cars within each married pair.

We anticipate receiving the first finished cars late in 2014 or early 2015.


Station Profiles

A total of 14 new stations will serve the RTD FasTracks Commuter Rail Lines-East Rail Line, Gold Line and Northwest Rail Westminster Segment. Below are this quarter's featured stations, along with the most current renderings for each.
Artistic rendering of Central Park Station passenger platform area

Rendering of the Central Park Station located on the East Rail Line in Denver. (Subject to revision)

Central Park Station

The Central Park Station is located along the East Rail Line  on Smith Road west of Central Park Boulevard in Denver. From Denver Union Station, the Central Park station will be the third stop.
  • Travel time to/from Union Station: 13 minutes
  • Travel time to/from end-of-line Denver International Airport: 22 minutes
  • Parking spaces on opening day: 1,500
  • Type of parking: Surface
Artistic rendering of Arvada Ridge Station passenger platform area
Rendering of the Arvada Ridge Station located on the Gold Line in Arvada. (Subject to revision)
Arvada Ridge Station

The Arvada Ridge station is located on the Gold Line, along Ridge Road west of Kipling Street in Arvada.  From Denver Union Station, the Arvada Ridge station will be the sixth stop along the Gold Line.
  • Travel time to/from Union Station: 22  minutes
  • Travel time to/from end-of-line Ward Road  Station: 3 minutes
  • Parking spaces on opening day: 150
  • Type of parking: Surface

Project Progress Photos

Photo of girders being set on Utah Junction Bridge
NW Rail Utah Junction Bridge construction over freight rail yard
Photo of worker placing concrete girder on bridge over airport employee parking lot
DIA Employee Parking Lot Bridge girder setting on the East Rail Line

Photo of installation of track on East Rail Line
Rail installation at 56th Avenue on the East Rail Line

Photo of steel installation for Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility

Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility construction
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