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Commuter trains now running at 79 mph on the A Line

Commuter rail testing on the East Rail "A" Line took two steps forward when RTD and its contractor on the project, Denver Transit Partners, began testing trains at 45 mph Sept. 11, 2015. And then on Sept. 15, we got the go ahead to test at our trains' maximum speed of 79 mph between East 40th Avenue and York Street in Denver and the 40th Ave & Airport Blvd•Gateway Park Station in Aurora.

This phase of the testing will demonstrate and prove that all warning signs, gate arms and other mechanisms at the commuter rail crossings are working as they will on opening day. There will be flaggers at each intersection to ensure pedestrians navigate the crossings easily and safely.

Commuter rail train testing on A Line. September 2015
Trains will continue to travel along the A Line at high speeds for the remainder of the testing program and during public service.

"Testing at this speed is an important milestone for the project and gets us one step closer to opening the A Line this spring," said Greg Straight, RTD FasTracks Eagle P3 project director. "It is imperative that the public remember to follow all safety signs and warning devices at the crossings and never to trespass on any train track. It's not only illegal, but extremely dangerous to the public and to our staff."

Also, the public is asked to be patient as RTD tests the trains through these crossings. The gate arms are scheduled to only be down two-to-three minutes, but for safety reasons the gate arms could stay down longer in order for RTD and DTP engineers to ensure that the intersections are safely cleared during this phase of the project.

"We understand there could be some delays at these intersections so we ask for the public's patience and want to make it clear that RTD's number one priority is the safety of the traveling public and our staff," Straight said.

Safety tips

  • Never trespass! Stay on public sidewalks and roadways only - it is not only illegal to trespass on train tracks, but it can be harmful (or even deadly) to you and others.
  • Always look both ways when getting ready to cross a train track, even if the red lights and gates are not activated.
  • Follow all warning signs and signals at the crossings.
  • If you see a train approaching, wait for the train to pass and the gates and lights to inactivate before you cross. Never try to beat a train!
  • RTD's trains are powered by overhead electrical lines - do not touch the wires! Remember, if they are up, they are live with electricity and can cause serious injury or death.
RTD is conducting train safety programs in the communities where the trains will soon be running all of the time. You can find our safety information and resources here.

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