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First commuter rail cars make test run on East Rail Line

Commuter train test run on East Rail Line. April 3, 2015
Commuter rail car pulled on the East Line near 38th and Blake Station

RTD's first two commuter rail cars rolled onto the East Rail Line for their first trip from Union Station to Denver International Airport on Friday, April 3.

The rail cars were pulled along the new tracks from Union Station along the 23 mile-long route at a pace of roughly 10 miles per hour.

This kicks off a year-long schedule of testing and commissioning prior to opening day in 2016.

Tim Blevins lives near the 38th and Blake Station and he was there to see the new trains roll by. He shares his enthusiasm about the expansion of public transportation in Denver in the video below.

This was the first time people were able to see the commuter trains on the tracks to the airport. A diesel-powered "track-mobile" pulled the cars. The overhead electric wires were not used to power the trains on this trip.

The trains moved slowly on this first run so that RTD's concessionaire on the project, Denver Transit Partners, could observe the track and vehicle conditions along the whole route.

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