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Southeast Rail Extension Environmental Assessment

The Southeast Rail Extension Environmental Assessment has been released.

A public meeting to discuss and comment on the EA took place August 27, 2014. See the presentation made at that meeting here.

In October 2014, the Federal Transit Administration issued a document in which it found no significant impact from the Southeast Rail Extension related to the environmental assessment of the project.

The links below open .pdf files to all of the documents related to the Environmental Assessment.

Executive Summary

Southeast Rail Extension Environmental Assessment

Submit a Comment

All comments will be documented and used to help RTD make decisions
on the Southeast Rail Line.

Environmental Assessment Appendices

Appendix A: Southeast Corridor Extension Environmental Evaluation, March 2010
Appendix B: Alternatives Analysis Report, August 2012
Appendix C: Agency Coordination and Correspondence
Appendix D: Programmatic Cumulative Effects Analysis (PCEA), October 2007
Appendix E: Right-of-Way acquisitions
Appendix F: Public Involvement

Appendix G: Scoping Results Report, May 30, 2012
     Appendices to Scoping Results Report
          Appendix A: Project Initiation Package, October 31, 2011
          Appendix B: Technical Framework Report, December 15, 2011
               Appendices to Technical Framework Report
                    Appendix A: Level 1 Evaluation Criteria and Methodology
                    Appendix B: RTD Transit Operating Statistics Model
                    Appendix C: DRCOG Compass Model Recalibration May 2009

                    Appendix D - RTD (COMPASS) Model
                         COMPASS Model Recalibration for Gold Line, East Corridor
                         Developing Work Plan for Updating Denver RTD (COMPASS) Model
                         Updating Denver RTD (COMPASS) Model -- FTA Meeting II
                         Updating Denver RTD (COMPASS) Model -- FTA Meeting III
                         Updating Denver RTD (COMPASS) Model -- FTA Meeting IV
                    Appendix E: Quality Assurance Program Plan, June 2010
                    Appendix F: Program Management Plan, June 2010
                    Appendix G: Quality Management Oversight Program Manual, Feb. 2011
                    Appendix H - Environmental Policies and Procedures Manuals
                         Environmental Policies & Procedures Volume I, Section I
                         Environmental Policies & Procedures Manual Volume II
                              Table of Contents
                              FTA and Army Corps of Engineers Agreement
                              Required Consultations for FasTracks NEPA Process
                              Programmatic Coordination Plan for FasTracks Program
                              Consultation/Section 106 and NEPA Coordination -- Gold Line
                              Strategic Public Information and Involvement Plan
                              FasTracks Programmatic Cumulative Effects Analysis (PCEA)
                              GIS Data Dictionary
                              Noise Barrier Change Policy
                              Quiet Zone Guidance
                              RTD Guidance on Audible Devices at At-Grade Crossings
                              Strategic Plan for Transit Oriented Development
                              Mitigation Strategies
                              Wetland Mitigation Strategy
                              Parking Mitigation Strategy
                              Minimizing Traffic Disturbances for Const. Mitigation Strategies
                              Safety and Security Mitigation Measures
                              Air Quality Mitigation
                              Construction Noise Mitigation
                              Noise and Vibration Mitigation
                              Noise Mitigation Measures for Moderate Impacts
                              Mitigation for Impacts to Low Income and Minority Populations
                              US Army Corps of Engineers Secition 404 (b)(1) Eval Template
                              Section 404 and NEPA Coordination - RTD Gold Line
                              Gold Line Corridor Coordination Plan
                              Clean Water Act Section 404 (NEPA/404)
                              Train Horns at Grade Crossings Fact Sheet
                         Environmental Policies & Procedures Volume III      

          Appendix C: Scoping Meeting Announcements
          Appendix D: Scoping Booklet
          Appendix E: Public Scoping Meeting Presentation
          Appendix F: Scoping Meeting Minutes and Attendance Lists
          Appendix G: Written Scoping Comments Received

Appendices AA
Appendix A: Land Use and Economic Conditions Technical Report
Appendix B: Scoping Report Results, May 30, 2012
Appendix C: Technical Results Report
Appendix D: Agency and Public Coordination

Technical Notes

Air Quality Technical Memorandum
     2012-2017 Transportation Improvement Program
     Mobile 6.2 Output Emission Factors
     Parking Facility Carbon Monoxide Analysis

Biological Resources Evaluation Technical Memorandum

Energy Technical Memorandum

Floodplain Technical Memorandum

Hazardous Materials Technical Memorandum
     The EDR Radius Map Report

Land Use and Economic Conditions Technical Report

Parklands and Recreational Resources Technical Memorandum

Right-of-Way Acquisitions and Relocations Technical Memorandum

Social Impacts, Community Facilities and Environmental Justice Memorandum

Traffic Technical Memorandum
     Synchro Traffic Analysis Reports

Visual and Aesthetic Conditions Technical Memorandum

Water Quality Technical Memorandum
     Driscoll Analysis

Waters of the United States and Wetlands Technical Memorandum
     Approved Jurisdictional Determination Form
     US Army Corps of Engineers Jurisdictional Determination Letter
     Wetland Determination Data Form
     Wetland Determination Data Form - Great Plains Region
     Photo Log 2013
     US Army Corps of Engineers additional Jurisdictional Determination Letter 

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