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Project Schedule

  • 2008: Project undergoes Environmental Evaluation (EE) to verify the
    best alignment, station locations and potential environmental impacts
  • 2010: Final EE completed with 30% basic engineering plans
  • 2011: Environmental Assessment began to pursue funding opportunities
  • 2012: Project scope development and coordination with stakeholders
  • 2013: The project is accepted into the project development phase of the Federal New Starts Grant Funding Program
  • 2014: FTA signs the Finding of No Significant Impact, making project eligible to apply for federal funding
  • 2015: Project becomes part of President Obama's 2016 budget
  • 2015: RTD Board of Directors approves a $140 million two-phased contract award to Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Inc.(BBII) to design and build SERE
  • 2016: SERE budget and funding grant expected to be signed, with Notice To Proceed 2 (NTP2) and construction scheduled in spring 2016

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