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Denver Union Station Master Plan

The approved plan includes an at-grade, eight-track commuter rail
station, relocation of RTD's regional bus facility below grade under
17th Street; and relocation of the light rail station at-grade to the
Consolidated Mail Line (CML). The 16th Street Mall Shuttle will
continue to run in dedicated lanes along 16th Street and extend to the
relocated light rail station. The new Downtown Circulator will include
stops for easy commuter rail and light rail transfers.  The plan also
creates a number of new public spaces including plazas at Wynkoop, 17th
Street, and 18th Street.

The master plan looks at both the transportation elements and other
future development at the historic Union Station.  On November 15,
2006, the Union Station partnering agencies announced the selection of
Union Station Neighborhood Company (USNC) as the Master Developer team
to head the redevelopment and preservation of Denver's historic Union
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