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Noise Impacts & Quiet Zone Resources

This above link will provide you with general information about commuter rail noise, why train horns are necessary, national regulations regarding commuter rail horns/noise, and how RTD analyzes noise impacts.
Additional Resources
   The Federal Railroad Administration - Train Horns at Grade Crossings
   Federal Transit Administration Noise and Vibration Manual

Noise Mitigation

Noise mitigation is the way the study looks to minimize noise related impacts from commuter rail vehicles. The above link will inform you about what policies and options exist for noise mitigation strategies.
Additional Resources
    RTD FasTracks Noise Mitigation Measures for Moderate Impacts Policy
    RTD FasTracks Noise Barrier Change Policy

Quiet Zone Implementation
Quiet Zones are sections of the railroad where trains do not have to sound their horns.  The above link will take you to a page providing information about Quiet Zone implementation requirements and features.
Additional Resources
    Northwest Rail Line Quiet Zone Decision Tree
    Northwest Rail Grade Crossings (Coming Soon!)
    RTD FasTracks Train Horns at Grade Crossings Fact Sheet
    RTD Responsible Rail Amendment
    RTD Quiet Zone Work Plan
    Federal Railroad Administration - Train Horns at Grade Crossings
    US Department of Transportation - Quick Facts: The Train Horn Final Rule
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