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Alternative 6F: LRT-Lowell/BN

Description: Light Rail on 38th Avenue to Lowell Boulevard to 52nd Avenue to Sheridan Boulevard to the BN/UP corridor
Reason Dismissed: Uncertainties with the railroads, community impacts and lack of community support.

Proposed Technology:
Light Rail

Proposed Route:
Operating in street beginning at Denver Union Station (DUS), crossing I-25 on Park Avenue flyover to 38th, west on 38th to Lowell, north on Lowell to 52nd Avenue, west on 52nd to Sheridan, north on Sheridan to BN/UP corridor, west on BN/UP corridor to Ward.

7 Proposed Stations:
Kalamath, Federal, Regis University, Sheridan, Olde Town, Kipling and Ward

Fulfills Project's Purpose & Need YES
Affordability/ Cost-Effectiveness YES: $460 Million
(Gold Line Budget $462 Million +/- 10%)
Environmental Impacts
  • Fewer stream crossings  
  • More people affected by construction
Community Impacts/Benefits
  • Avoids impacts on Ridge Road  
  • 45 properties that need to be purchased  
  • 34,573 population w/in ½ mile of stations
Consistency with local plans Neutral to Inconsistent
Mobility Improvements
  • Travel time from Ward Rd. to DUS approximately 27 minutes  
  • Travel time by auto from Ward Rd. to DUS projected to be 50 min. in 2030  
  • Preliminary Ridership Projection: 13,000 to 16,000 per day
Community and Agency Support TBD

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