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Project Map

The project map featured below provides an overview of the Northwest Rail Line (NWR) and includes all of the stations that were considered in the current planning phase. Stations are classified on this map in three different manners:

  • Stations labeled in gray, with a red icon, are stations that are funded through the FasTracks plan, which voters approved in 2004.

  • Stations labeled in blue - Westminster/88th Ave, Broomfield/116th Ave, and East Boulder - are locations that are not funded through the FasTracks plan, but were studied in the Northwest Rail Line Environmental Evaluation.

  • Stations labeled in gold, along the southern portion of the project, are stations that will receive service from the Northwest Rail Line and the Gold Line. The station planning for these locations is taking place through the Gold Line Environmental Impact Statement. 

If you're having trouble reading this map click here to download a larger higher resolution copy.

Northwest Rail Track Alignment
: The Northwest Rail RTD FasTracks Project Team  worked with the BNSF Railway to identify Northwest Rail's commuter rail track alignment. To view the proposed track alignment, click here: Track Alignment Map

Note that the existing BNSF track and the new track will be shared by freight and commuter rail vehicles. One track will be northbound track that will be used by both BNSF and NWR vehicles and one track will be southbound track that will be used by both BNSF and NWR vehicles. The proposed new track location is highlighted in blue and the FasTracks stations along the corridor are noted in red and blue icons.
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