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Alternative 6B: LRT-Lowell/52nd

Description: Light rail on 38th Avenue to Lowell Boulevard to 52nd Avenue to Ridge Road

Reason Dismissed: Community impacts and lack of community support.

Proposed Technology: Light Rail

Proposed Route: Operating in-street beginning at Denver Union Station (DUS), following Wewatta St. to Park Avenue flyover to 38th Avenue, west on 38th to Lowell Boulevard, north on Lowell to 52nd Avenue, west on 52nd to Wadsworth Boulevard, north on Wadsworth to BN/Union Pacific corridor, continues west on Ridge Road parallel to the BN/UP corridor to Ward Road.

7 Proposed Stations: Kalamath Street, Federal, Regis University, Sheridan, Olde Town, Arvada Ridge and Ward Road

Fulfills Project's Purpose & Need YES
Affordability/ Cost-Effectiveness YES: $460 Million
(Gold Line Budget $462 Million +/- 10%)
Environmental Impacts
  • Fewer stream crossings  
  • More people affected by construction
Community Impacts/Benefits
  • 80 properties that need to be purchased  
  • 34,573 population w/in ½ mile of stations
Consistency with local plans Neutral to Inconsistent
 Mobility Improvements
  • Travel time from Ward Rd. to DUS approximately 27 minutes  
  • Travel time by auto from Ward Rd. to DUS projected to be 50 minutes in 2030  
  • Preliminary Ridership Projection: 13,000 to 16,000 per day
Community and Agency Support TBD

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