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2nd and Abilene - Douwe Blumberg

The artwork for the 2nd•Abilene Station will appear on the pedestrian bridge between the parking lot and the light rail train platform.

Artist Douwe Blumberg is installing panoramic friezes that depict "Early Aurora" and "Present Day Aurora." A frieze is essentially a long band of sculpted or painted decoration.

2nd Abilene art rendering

Douwe Blumberg of DeMossville, Kentucky has a rich history and education in art and sculpting. But when he graduated from art school in California and completed an intense apprenticeship of hands-on work at an art foundry, he did not immediately pursue a career in art.

Douwe Blumberg, artist
Artist Douwe Blumberg
Instead, he became a professional horse trainer. It's a career that spanned 18 years for him. Eventually he began sculpting again and soon started accepting commissions.

As demand for his work grew, he had to make a career choice and his passion for sculpting won out. He closed his barn in 2000, and built a home and studio north of Lexington, Kentucky.

Douwe has completed well over 200 private and public projects and has numerous awards, residencies and shows to his credit.

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