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Noise Analysis

Noise Analysis
A noise and vibration analysis is being completed during final design.  Baseline, or existing, noise level readings were done in 18 locations along the alignment for a 24 hour period.  They are then compared to anticipated noise levels once light rail is in place, and locations that are impacted by the increased noise are identified.

Noise & Vibration Technical Report
   Appendix A - Noise Measurement Locations
   Appendix B - Noise Measurement Results
   Appendix C - Noise Impact Analysis   
   Appendix D - Noise Impacts with Bells
   Appendix E - Noise Barrier Analysis
   Appendix F - Vibration Analysis
   Appendix G - Bus Noise Analysis

Noise Study Technical Memorandum - RTD Policy Implementation

Noise Barrier Location Determination Process

Moderate Noise Impacts Policy

Noise Barrier Change "Opt Out" Policy

Noise Wall Changes from the FONSI

Noise level comparison chart

PUC Procedures

KM Chng, the noise and vibration sub-consultant to David Evans & Associates, has
conducted the follow up noise and vibration analysis along the West Rail Line.
They placed detectors along the corridor to capture existing conditions of noise
and vibration.  Baseline noise levels were determined and initial specific
impacted areas were identified.  They then looked at what noise impact light
rail would make on the corridor once it was implented and determined which
properties are impacted by noise.

Properties affected by noise from the light rail fall into one of two categories, as determined by FTA - severe or moderate.  Moderate impacts are examined and determination of mitigation was made according to the "Moderate Noise Impact Policy".  All moderate impacts remaining after the policy is applied, as well as any properties with severe impacts will be mitigated with the noise barriers. 

Properties who are affected by noise and noise walls have been contacted and options have been presented. 

Property owners were given the option of 'opting out' of the noise wall adjacent to their properties.  Several homeowners took advantage of this option.  The Final Noise wall locations show the areas where walls will be built.

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