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41st and Fox Station - Brian W. Brush

Watch the video above to see how the art will look

Title of art: Imaginal

The art at the 41st•Fox Station on the G Line will appear on the pedestrian bridge. It's designed to fit into surroundings and will be an eye-catching addition to the commuter rail station during the day and at night when it will light up. The sculpture will be about 16 feet tall and 500 feet long. It's made of powder-coated steel and LED lights.

Artist Brian W. Bush, 41st and Fox Station
Artist Brian W. Brush
Brian W. Brush is a designer and artist who uses the interaction of light and material to tell stories at the intersection of art, science, technology, and environment.

Through his New York-based creative practice BRUSH he designs and constructs data-driven, interactive environments integrating high-tech illumination and digital media with complex geometric and material systems.

His goal is to reveal the fascinating hidden relationships between people, technology, and the environments they inhabit by manifesting these phenomena in color, light, and form in a way that inspires the public and energizes public spaces.

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Brian has a Bachelor of Arts degree in environmental design from Montana State University. He also earned a Master of Architecture and a Master of Science in Urban Planning from Columbia University in New York.

Rendering of art at 41st and Fox Station
Rendering of the 41st•Fox Station artwork depicted during the day

Brian is also the artist for the Westminster Station on the Northwest "B" Line.
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