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Transit Oriented Development

Development at and around the system's transit stations is an exciting element of the FasTracks program.  As the Denver region's public transit agency, RTD plays an important role in the implementation of Transit Oriented Development (TOD). TOD is characterized by a pedestrian-oriented environment that allows people to live, work, shop and play in places accessible by transit. The primary benefits of TOD include:
  • Reducing sprawl and protecting existing neighborhoods
  • Reducing commute times and traffic congestion 
  • Improving environmental quality and open space preservation 
  • Encouraging pedestrian activity and discouraging automobile dependency
RTD's TOD mission is to help facilitate TOD opportunities that increase ridership or enhance transit investments throughout the District through station design and close coordination with local jurisdictions and developers. 
To learn more about TOD, find links to additional research and resources, get demographic data on the FasTracks corridors, and get a listing of upcoming TOD events in the Denver region, visit the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) TOD website.

If you have specific questions about RTD's TOD-related activities, please contact Bill Sirois at .

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