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Front of DUS with train and bus
The primary purpose of the FastConnects concept is to improve transit service for suburb-to-suburb travel.

FastConnects are designated points where transit services are planned to minimize wait time between transfers.

They support efficient connections for those passengers transferring from one transit mode to another, including bus-to-bus, bus-to-rail, bus-to-BRT, and rail-to-bus transfers.

Minimizing Passenger Wait Time
Service is designed so that buses and trains traveling to multiple destinations are timed to arrive at a major destination or transfer facility at the same time, minimizing the time a passenger has to wait.

The FastConnects concept allows for seamless transit connections between suburbs and improves the overall efficiency of the transit network by reducing travel times for patrons. Designated FastConnects points will be located outside central business districts at locations such as park-n-Rides, rail stations, designated shopping centers or employment centers where bus routes connect.
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