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Attachments to Concession Agreement

Use these links to view the attachments to the Eagle P3 Project Concession agreement.

Attachment 1 Agreed Forms

Attachment 1 Part D-IE Independent Engineer's Agreement

Attachment 2 Description of Sites and Schedule of Site Availability

Attachment 3 The DUS Infrastructure

Attachment 4 Material Subcontractors

Attachment 5 RTD Permits

Attachment 6 Contract Data Requirements

Attachment 7 Design, Construction and Rolling Stock Requirements

Attachment 8 Construction Payments

Attachment 9 Project and Construction Management

Attachment 10 O&M Specifications

Attachment 11 Service Payments

Attachment 12 Insurance

Attachment 13 Compensation Following Termination

Attachment 14 Handover and Reinstatement Work Procedures

Attachment 15 Specified Requirements

Attachment 16 [Reserved]

Attachment 17 RTD Pricing Conditions

Attachment 18 Concessionaire's Records of Decision Obligations

Attachment 19 Concessionaire's Proposal

Attachment 20 Utilities

Attachment 21 Inter-Governmental Agreements

Attachment 22 Railroad Agreements

Attachment 23 Reference Data

Attachment 24 Forms of RTD Legal Opinions

Attachment 25 Trustee's Instructions

Attachment 26 Early Work Provisions
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