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Boo! Union Station is haunted, just ask RTD staff

The historic Union Station is back to its bustling nature, but prior to renovations, which started in 2011, the RTD Union Station staff had a few spooky encounters with spirits when their FasTracks offices were housed in one of the wing buildings.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these strange occurrences, and those documented in historical articles, definitely make you wonder if something is haunting our historic train hall.

"There were strange instances of misplaced papers, missing objects, and un-nerving flyers in and around the restrooms. Things that were easily attributed to the Union Station ghost(s)," said Joe Christie, RTD deputy project manager for Union Station. "I heard stories of a little girl ghost in and around the basement, who scared the bejesus out of some workers down there."

RTD Director Angie Rivera-Malpiede also had a creepy instance where a water faucet in a restroom mysteriously turned on when no one else was in there. She said because of her intuitive nature, she is convinced the historic building has spirits lingering about.

Check out the video above for more Union Station ghost stories.
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