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Photos: The new Denver Union Station


The celebration of the public grand opening of Union Station July 26 was the last big event for the renovated centerpiece of new development in lower downtown Denver until 2016.

RTD opened its 22-bay underground bus concourse in May 2014 and closed Market Street Station a few blocks to the east at the same time.

The grand opening of the inside of the facility on July 26 marked the end of a major renovation of the historic area that began in early December 2012.

Three new RTD commuter rail lines will begin using Union Station as a hub of operations when they open for service in 2016. Construction on the East Rail Line to the Airport, the Gold Line and the Northwest Rail Line first segment to Westminster was in full gear during the summer of 2014.

The North Metro Rail line will begin operations out of Union Station in 2018.

Amtrak began using the new Union Station platform in the train hall in February. RTD's C, E and W light rail lines use a station west of the facility.
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