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Massive pipe installation on the N Line

Crews are busy with excavation and drainage work at the Grange Hall area- just south of the Northglenn•112th station - where earlier this fall a century-old train trestle was discovered. After the train trestle was removed and documented for historical purposes, crews began the installation of a 120 inch diameter reinforced concrete pipe.

The pipe was installed in 20 pieces, each weighing approximately 40,000 lbs. The pieces were brought in by truck, then lifted by crane and placed next to one another.

This new concrete pipe, which will lay under the tracks, is replacing the old corrugated metal pipe that was placed for drainage purposes years ago.

Crews are now beginning to build the structure that will drain the area. Regional Railroad Partners, the contractor for the North Metro Rail Line, have been working closely with the City of Thornton to help improve drainage in the area.

Take a closer look at the installation of this imposing pipe in the video clip below.

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