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Light Rail Crossing Safety Tips

It is difficult to judge a train's speed and distance because of its large size. Each light rail
car can weigh up to 40 tons and cannot stop quickly. Remember these important
tips while driving in a light rail area:

·   Do not drive onto a crossing until you are sure the tracks are clear, especially when there are multiple tracks. A second train may be coming.· Never turn in front of an approaching light rail vehicle.

·   Never turn across a set of light rail tracks without looking in all directions.

·   Watch for people getting on and off a stopped light rail vehicle.

·   Be especially alert in light rail areas as nearby buildings and foliage can make it difficult for motorists to see people getting on and off stopped trains.

·  The light rail crossing areas for motorists can have regular traffic lights. Some have warning lights and some have gates with railroad-type traffic arms. All of these signals mean the same

·   Never drive around traffic gates, even if a light rail vehicle has just passed. Another vehicle may be coming from the other direction.

·   Be aware of your vehicle height. Overhead wires are a standard height of 18 feet, 6 inches above the center of the tracks.

·  Always assume that a wire hanging from
the overhead catenary is "hot" (electrified). Never touch the wire or anything
it is in contact with.

 (reprinted and edited from the Colorado Driving Manual)

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