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New on the I-225 Rail Line

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R Line trains testing through crossings in Aurora

RTD has started testing trains along parts of the R Line that include some at-grade crossings in Aurora. Motorists can expect brief closures and uniformed traffic officers conducting traffic through crossings as the train moves through. See photos and more details.

Know how to be safe around trains

RTD has light rail and commuter trains running on its system, and it's important to know how to stay safe around them. Some run in streets along with traffic, some cross roadways and safety is key at all train stations. Get information and resources here.

Video: Take a ride on R Line test train

RTD began systems integrated testing in July on the first segment of what will be known as the R Line in Aurora. Watch a video from the train driver's point of view.

Station art enhances transit for commuters and community

When inspiring public art appears at the stations along the R Line in Aurora, the sheer aesthetics and beauty will make getting from here to there an experience in unity, community and creativity.

What's new and what's next on R Line in 2016

Work on the R line through Aurora will begin to shift from construction to getting ready for testing of light rail trains later in the year. See more about what's happening here.

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