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North Metro Rail Line employing hundreds

Skyway Bridge work near I-270. June 2016
Skyway Bridge work near I-270 in June 2016. Photo: Ken Charles

On any given day, RTD and RRP (Regional Rail Partners, the contractor) have up to 100 employees in the office, not including the many people engaged with RTD and RRP from the local jurisdictions along the footprint of the project.

Field forces

But field forces substantially outnumber all of these folks with as many as 200 field employees working on the project during summer months.

RRP has 114 subcontractors working on the N Line and of those, almost half are lower-tier local subcontractors.

These subcontractors perform such tasks as material testing, street sweeping, traffic control, drilling, demolition, trucking, etc.

Total employment

In all, the North Metro Rail Line project will employ more than 300 people during peak construction periods and will maintain approximately 200 employees until completion.

If you would like to get involved on the North Metro project please check the RRP website for upcoming opportunities.
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