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Environmental Documents

As a federally funded project, the West Corridor must follow the rules of the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) and gain approval of this process from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) prior to construction.  RTD conducted an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process which concluded in 2003. The results of this FEIS were summarized and approved by FTA in a Record of Decision in 2004.

Due to a number of changes in the project during design, a supplemental Environmental Assessment (EA) was conducted in 2007 to address all project changes and was submitted to FTA.  The EA was summarized and approved by FTA in 2007 in a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI).

Environmental Assessment (EA)

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Fact Sheet
This fact sheet will give you an overview of the EIS and help you navigate through its many areas.

Record of Decision
This document is issued by the Federal Transit Administration as the final approval of the Environmental Impact Statement. 

Final Environmental Impact Statement  
The document is extremely large so we have separated it by chapter. 
EIS Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Chapter 1 - Purpose and Need
Chapter 2 - Alternatives Considered
Chapter 3 - Affected Environment
Chapter 4 - Transportation Impacts
Chapter 5 - Environmental Consequences
Chapter 6 - Financial Plan
Chapter 7 - Public Involvement
Chapter 8 - 4(f) and 6(f) Statements
Appendix A - List of Preparers
Appendix B - List of Recipients
Appendix C - Responses to Comments
Appendix D - Agency Coordination Letters
Appendix E - Memorandum of Agreement
Appendix F - Documents included by Reference
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