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Timeline of building a train station

Station construction is one of the most exciting parts of building a rail line because it gives the public the opportunity to imagine what their future transportation options will look like. This work is taking place on the North Metro "N" Line in 2016.

Site prep

Work at 124th Ave. Station
Looking north from 124th Avenue, crews work to level the station area the Eastlake•124th station
The first construction work to be done at the commuter rail station is site preparation.

This includes moving dirt around to level the area to the appropriate height for the trackway, which comes later.

This type of work is currently ongoing for the Eastlake•124th station, the Northglenn•112th station and the Commerce City•72nd station. It takes 3-4 months to complete.


Construction phasing will be different at each station, but in the most simple explanation, retaining walls come next. These walls hold and reinforce the platform.


Next up is the platform, the concrete area where patrons wait for a train. This work makes the station a little more recognizable and the site begins to transform. Platform work is scheduled to begin in the next few months at the Eastlake•124th station.

Canopy installations will also be happening later this year.

Parking and plaza

The final items to be completed are the parking lot and plaza areas. This work will take place in 2017.

Each station will have its own unique look to represent the surrounding community.
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