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Signs of Construction: Colfax Station will soon be taking shape

The scenery in Aurora continues to change with the progression of the Aurora Line/I-225 Rail project.

The stations along the line are beginning to take form, and earlier this month, the Florida pedestrian bridge was placed over I-225 at the Florida Station.

Next month, crews will install the decorative arch at the Colfax Station, an elevated station spanning Colfax Avenue east of Fitzsimons Parkway (pictured above: rendering of the Colfax Station). The station will also serve as a pedestrian bridge, providing an alternate route for pedestrians crossing Colfax Avenue. The enhanced station with the distinctive arch design will also feature public art at the street level. The arch signifies the city of Aurora's signature station and the "Gateway to the West." The city intends to expand development around the Colfax Station.

Local commuters have most likely noticed the arch currently placed in sections near the Colfax Avenue and Fitzsimons Parkway intersection. These iconic arches are made of 5 pieces that will be assembled and installed over 2-3 nights at the end of August/beginning of September. The work will require full overnight closures of Colfax Avenue.

The arch is 252 feet long, 68.3 tons and requires only one crane to be lifted into place. This station will serve not only the city, but also the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, the Fitzsimons Life Science District and the VA Replacement Medical Center Facility, Eastern Colorado Health Care System.

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