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New Transit Lanes

The Flatiron Flyer will help you stay on schedule and get through traffic. It will be a quicker trip between Denver and Boulder on U.S. 36 with new transit lanes.

Bus routes that operate on congested roads are difficult to keep on schedule unless they have some help. We're changing the commute on U.S. 36 by putting your bus in the priority lane, literally. The Flatiron Flyer service will give you more frequent bus service and increased reliability with a few helpful changes.

1  Express lanes for a faster trip

The Flatiron Flyer bus service will travel on 18 miles of express lanes between Denver and Boulder. The lanes are the result of collaboration between the Colorado Department of Transportation and RTD and will accommodate HOV 3+ AND RTD buses. By keeping the bus out of the general traffic lanes, the Flatiron Flyer will avoid traffic delays and travel more quickly. Express lanes will result in fast, reliable and more predictable bus service.

2  Using the shoulder to avoid delays

The Flatiron Flyer can get around traffic jams by using the shoulder, too. Bus on Shoulder is new to Colorado, but it is a tried and true transit solution. CDOT and RTD collaborated to ensure that the new highway included shoulders built to accommodate the weight and width of our buses. A safe and wide shoulder gives buses an alternative lane to use to avoid traffic delays.

3  Bus-only exit ramps

Beginning in 2010, bus-only exit ramps were built. These ramps help buses avoid long traffic delays at exit and entrance ramps. With bus-only ramps, RTD can get you on and off the highway more quickly.
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