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Benefits of BRT

The Flatiron Flyer Bus Rapid Transit service will provide reliable,
predictable and comfortable bus service between Denver and

Flatiron Flyer at Boulder Junction at Depot Square Station. August 13, 2015
Flatiron Flyer at Boulder Junction at Depot Square Station


It will travel 18 miles between Boulder and downtown Denver with varying levels of service at six Park-n-Rides along U.S. 36.

Rapid Transit

The Flatiron Flyer will travel in the express lanes and will also be able to travel on the shoulder to bypass slow-moving traffic, resulting in a quicker trip for passengers.

Flatiron Flyer using US 36 express lane
Flatiron Flyer traveling in US 36 express lane


During peak hours, riders can expect a bus every 5-15 minutes and every 15-29 minutes during off-peak hours.


The Flatiron Flyer will have enhanced, updated stations at the Park-n-Ride locations with large, modern shelters, digital bus arrival/departure displays and self-service ticket vending machines. Passengers buy their tickets at the vending machines rather than paying when boarding the bus. It's similar to boarding and riding on a train.
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