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Construction Information

* Scheduled dates are subject to change and are weather dependent. While it's not anticipated to have crews in the area continuously from now until completion of construction, the phasing of future activities will require crews to be moving in and out from now until North Metro Rail Line construction is completed.

For questions or additional construction information please contact Kathy Berumen RRP's Public Information Manager at 720-456-5279 or

We appreciate your cooperation during these activities and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

For construction which impacts traffic, see the Lane and Road Closures Page.

Conduct of Construction

Section 1: Union Station to Stock show

Section 2: Stock show to 70th Avenue

Section 3: 70th Avenue to 88th Avenue

Section 4: 88th Avenue to 104th Avenue

Section 5: 104th Avenue to 112th Avenue

Section 6: 112th Avenue to 124th Avenue

Section 7: 124th Avenue to Highway 7
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