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Be Safe!

Construction Safety
The FasTracks team would like to remind you that construction is still occurring
in very close proximity to many of your neighborhoods, schools, and parks. Please follow our construction safety tips that will help insure the safety of you and your children.  It is important to take all necessary precautions to make sure that you remain safe around all construction areas.

-Never play on or around construction equipment.
-Stay out of fenced areas.
-Always pay attention to warning and safety signage.
-Never go near construction areas after dark. Holes and sharp objects can be obscured.
-Drive slowly and be patient in construction areas.
-Stay away from utilities and exposed wires.
-Do not play on or under bridges or near streams or rivers.
-Never play on or around railroad tracks, and never place anything on the tracks.
-Always read construction updatesand door hangers as they contain important safety and traffic information.

Operations Safety
The West Rail Line is open and there are additional safety considerations for the communities along the line. Light rail vehicles pass through parks and neighborhoods, crossing through multiple street intersections. It is important to take all necessary precautions to make sure that you remain safe during operations. Our operations guidelines assist in the safety of all those impacted by the light rail line.

-At the station, stand behind the yellow safety line until the light rail train stops and the doors open.
-Stay in your seat while the light rail train is in motion.  If you have to stand, hold on tightly to a pole and stay away from the
-Never chase a moving train.
-Never play near light rail tracks or trains and do not walk on tracks themselves.
Switches on the tracks move automatically and can cause injury.
-Before crossing light rail tracks, make sure the crossing gates are up by checking to see if there are flashing lights or bells, and then look both ways.
-Get off your bike, scooter, or skateboard before you cross the tracks.
-Keep hands and objects away from the wires over the light rail tracks.

Safety at Grade Crossings
Accidents have spurred a heightened awareness for grade crossing safety across the nation. The Federal Transit Administration has asked transit agencies, including RTD, to review all at-grade crossings and make recommendations for safety enhancements. 

A safety committee, made up of members from all departments of RTD, was created and a series of recommended enhancements were developed. As part of the safety review, updates are being implemented at multiple West Rail Line grade crossings. Feel free to review the recommendations submitted to the PUC (Public Utilities Commission). 

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