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2012 FasTracks Annual Program Evaluation

RTD has completed the 2012 FasTracks Annual Program Evaluation (APE) -
an annual update of program capital costs, operations and maintenance (O&M) costs, sales and use tax forecasts, construction inflation assumptions and program schedule. On Tuesday, March 27, 2012 the RTD Board approved the 2012 FasTracks Financial Plan. Cost and schedule assumes a successful 0.4 percent sales tax election in 2012.

Key Points
  • The updated capital cost for the FasTracks program has increased from $6.8
    billion in 2011 to $7.4 billion in year-of-expenditure dollars (YOE) by 2022. This includes building Northwest Rail to Church Ranch and bus rapid transit (BRT) in the northwest area.
  • Most of the remaining FasTracks is scheduled for completion by 2020 including I-225 Rail Line; North Metro Rail Line; U.S. 36 BRT; and the Southwest, Southeast and Central Corridor Extensions. Northwest Rail to Church Ranch would be complete in the 2020-2022 timeframe.
  • Northwest Rail from Church Ranch to Longmont is projected to be completed in the 2026-2032 timeframe, as funding for construction and service becomes available from the existing FasTracks 0.4 percent sales and use tax.
  • One of the benefits of moving forward with this plan is that it allows us to
    accommodate the immediate transit needs in the northwest area through
    bus rapid transit, while making the ultimate long-term investment in
    Northwest Rail as our cash flow allows and as transit needs grow.
Next Steps
  • April - Sensitivity Analyses on "How low can you go" on the revenue side, "How high can you go" on the cost side, and when the program can be completed without an additional sales tax increase.
  • June - DRCOG approval of the Annual FasTracks Report
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