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Disc Golf Course reopens with W Line opening

Lakewood/Dry Gulch Disc Golf Course. Photo credit: Christopher BradshawLakewood/Dry Gulch Disc Golf Course. Photo: Christopher Bradshaw

The disc golf course at Lakewood/Dry Gulch Park is open for play again. It closed in 2009 for construction of the RTD West Rail Line along the park.

The new course is fun and challenging to play and it has 21 holes, up from its original 18. Three holes are closed for re-vegetation and the plan is to open them later this summer.

Denver Parks and Recreation re-designed several holes for a better play experience with the trains running near the park.

The course begins at Paco Sanchez Park at W. 13th Ave. and Knox Ct. It runs from Federal Blvd. to Wolff St. along the Lakewood/Dry Gulch Park.

You can find a map by following this link. Type Lakewood/Dry Gulch in the search bar at the top. There is also a map on the disc course at the first tee.

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