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Mike Juarez and Mike Cody

Garrison Station

Mike Squared Mosaics-custom mosaic murals by two guys named Mike. Colorado
artists, Mike Juarez and Mike Cody create mosaic murals that are visually enhancing
personal and public spaces that may be a bit bland and uninspiring.

They consider their work to be colorful, sometimes whimsical, and intricate.
Mosaic murals tell a story. Through the application of stone, tile, glass, and
pottery, they convey the history of the location; clarify the importance of the
environment surrounding the site; and represent the culture of the people living
in the area.

Mike Squared mosaic murals spark a passersby's interest from a distance or up close. What makes them unique is the fact that they high fire their own custom made specialty tile, so you won't see them anywhere else.

Each tile, large and small, is hand cut. By donating personal objects into the work, the client and the community will feel a sense of pride seeing their own contributions into a major work of Mosaic Art.

Mike Squared Mosaics will integrate almost anything into the Murals including new and vintage pieces.

To see Mike Squared Mosaics' intricate artwork, visit their website.
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