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Lonnie Hanzon

Lamar Station

West Rail artist Lonnie HanzonLonnie Hanzon, a born and raised, local artist will add a unique landscape to the station area.

Lonnie Hanzon's career started in the performing arts and fashion design, but he was soon hired to create major public works of art, urban entertainment projects, visual merchandising and fine art commissions.

Comfortable with any medium and material, Lonnie is a design daredevil with a true DaVinci spirit-multi-disciplined, crosstrained, and absolutely fearless. No matter what Lonnie creates-be it public art, an urban environment project, visual merchandising or a fine art commission-it tells a story which leaves each viewer with a magical memory.

His various product lines and licensing deals have run the gamut, from sculpted designer lollipops to high-end costume jewelry.

Lonnie was appointed Wizard in Residence at the Museum of Outdoor Arts in Denver in 2008. While there, he designed Hudson Holiday, a 15-acre lighting spectacular presented at The Hudson Gardens & Event Center in 2009 and 2010.

He works in fabric, steel, glass, sugar, paint, foam, music, water, and electricity.

He has amazed clients from Neiman-Marcus to HGTV to the State of Colorado with his transformative, magical creations. Visit Lonnie's website for more information on his creative, whimsical work.
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