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In order for RTD FasTracks to maximize its partnership with the
community, we need to hear from you.  Your questions, concerns, issues
and feedback will help us adjust to better meet your needs.  Let us know
how we are doing and what we can do to make the RTD FasTracks US 36 BRT Project a metro-wide success.

RTD FasTracks US 36 BRT Project Team
Project Hotline: 303-299-2000

Get connected with the US 36 BRT Project!
There are several ways to get involved during the US 36 BRT Project build out:

Submit a Comment, Question, or Request
All comments will be documented and used to help RTD make decisions
on the US 36 BRT Project.  We strive to respond to comments from those that request a follow up within two business days.

Sign Up For Our Mailing List
The easiest way to always have the most current information on the US 36 BRT Project is to register online to receive project newsletters and updates.

Request a Meeting
Schedule a US 36 BRT Project presentation for your organization or neighborhood group meeting.
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