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Signs of Construction: Frigid temperatures don’t stop Kiewit crews

The single-digit temperatures and negative wind-chill experienced this past week did not stop the Aurora Line/I-225 Rail team from installing a water pipe below ground at the intersection of Exposition Avenue and Sable Boulevard.

It's all about the layers-insulated gloves, long underwear, coveralls, multiple pairs of socks, etc.
As most of us know, Colorado weather can be very tempestuous. And as with last week, the dramatic cool-down hit all at once, which is why it is so important that Kiewit crews are prepared. Multiple trainings are provided to the construction team, so that everyone is equipped for what winter may bring.

Delayed starts are implemented on frigid mornings so that work is scheduled during the warmest part of the day. In order to meet Kiewit's commitment to the business community and minimize impacts during the busy holiday season, some crews had to work throughout the night. To beat the freeze, they took turns warming up in heated trailers and were provided with hand and foot warmers. 

Kiewit Structures Superintendent Pedro Oronia has been with the company for almost 30 years and has had a lot of experience working through the winter months.

He and his crew are always ready for when winter strikes. He makes sure there are heaters on site so that workers can take a break as needed to warm up. Oronia also ensures there is plenty of water for his team, as staying hydrated is extremely important-even in the cold.
Construction crews don't have a 6 feet by 6 feet cubicle to call their office. Instead the busy streets of Aurora are what they consider their workplace. Construction crews are professionals who are prepared to work in all conditions.

"Rain, snow, sleet or shine, we have to get the job done," said Oronia.
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