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Northwest Area Mobility Study

Final report released

The Northwest Area Mobility Study final report is available for review. A .pdf file is available here.(26.9 MB)

Board endorses Study recommendations

The RTD Board of Directors adopted the recommendations of the Northwest
Area Mobility Study Tuesday, June 24, 2014. The study was a collaborative effort with northwest area governments and transportation partners that set out to achieve consensus on a set of recommendations that could bring near-term
mobility improvements to the northwest area. Read the full article here.


Initial recommendations released

RTD held a series of three public meetings in January to seek input and provide an update on the progress of the Northwest Area Mobility Study.

The study team also released initial recommendations during the course of the meetings. Follow this link to read more about that.

See details about what was presented at the public meetings here.

Goals, focus and findings

The video below details the study's goals, areas of focus and some of its findings.

The Northwest Area Mobility Study is a 13-month effort that will develop a prioritized list of mobility improvements for the Northwest area of the Regional Transportation District's (RTD) service area. The study will focus on five key areas.

RTD initiated the study in response to the significant cost increases associated with building and operating commuter rail in the 41-mile Northwest corridor. The goal of the study is to collaborate with corridor stakeholders to determine if there is a more cost-effective way to approach improving mobility in the area that could be implemented sooner.

It is critical that RTD, local jurisdictions and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) achieve consensus on the recommendations in this study. A highly collaborative evaluation and consensus-building process will be utilized to develop the prioritized list of agreed-upon mobility improvements.

See the Northwest Area Mobility Study fact sheet.

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