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Central Rail Extension - L Line

As part of FasTracks, the Central Rail Extension will improve access between and among the northeast Denver neighborhoods, the downtown transit network, and the full RTD transit system. It is called the L Line.

Extending the Central Rail Line that currently ends at the 30th•Downing Station to the East Rail Line's 38th•Blake Station will also provide northeast neighborhoods with more direct access to the East Rail Line, which connects Denver Union Station with Denver International Airport, while also providing East Rail Line passengers with a second rail connection into a different part of downtown Denver.

Central Rail Extension fact sheet

See the facts, figures and highlights of the Central Rail Extension project here.

Central Rail Extension Mobility Study

RTD conducted the Central Rail Extension Mobility Study. The study was finished in late 2014. It identifies the most feasible rail transit route and operating plan to allow the Central Rail Line to provide a direct rail connection between the 38th•Blake Station and downtown Denver with no transfers.
Central Rail Extension Mobility Study public meetings held

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