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Additional Arterial BRT

Following is one of five key study areas within the Northwest Area Mobility Study. Each of the five areas will be evaluated in context to produce a comprehensive set of solutions to improve overall mobility for the entire northwest area.

BRT Alternatives Map
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The study will evaluate potential new arterial Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes as early-action, stand-alone improvements that could complement US 36 BRT, the phased construction of Northwest Rail or an extension of the North Metro Rail Line to Longmont. Among the general routes that RTD and stakeholders worked together to identify for evaluation are:

  • SH 119 (Longmont Diagonal) between Boulder and Longmont
  • US 287 between Longmont and Broomfield/US 36 Corridor
  • East/West connections: Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette and to Brighton

Other potential routes will be determined by stakeholders and RTD through the study process. To inform the analysis and decision-making, the study will identify required capital improvements, base-year capital costs and key program elements for all routes considered. Additionally, ridership estimates, operational improvements, and operating and maintenance costs will be developed.
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