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Who is FasTracks Freddy?

Hello! My name is FasTracks Freddy.  I am a light rail train for RTD.  My brothers and sisters are also light rail trains and my parents are  buses.  Together we help people get around town. 

My job is to teach children to be safe around light rail.  Light rail trains can go
very fast and are very quiet because we run off of electricity, and can be a danger to those who are not paying attention. 

Below are the safety tips I want you to remember when you are near the light rail tracks to make sure you are safe. 
  • Stop, look both ways, and listen before crossing and railroad tracks! I am
    very quiet and my friends and I can approach from both directions.

  • Never play near or on the light rail tracks.  Switches on the tracks move automatically and can cause injury.  You would also be breaking the law
    by trespassing. 

  • Before crossing light rail tracks, make sure the crossing gates are all the way up and that there are no flashing lights or bells. 

  • Keep yourself and all objects away from the wires overhead. 

  • Get off your bike, scooter, or skateboard before you cross the tracks.  Your wheels can get caught in the tracks.

  • Always PAY ATTENTION.  Do not let your cell phones, headphones, texting, or game playing divert your attention.

  • Never chase a moving train.
Remember, call 911 in case of an emergency!  Be sure to share these safety tips
with your friends and family to keep them safe. 

Print out this coloring book that I made! It provides fun activities and safety tips.

If you would like my friends at RTD West Rail Line to come talk to your school or neighborhood about light rail safety, please contact
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