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Signs of Construction: Blue vests help provide safe workplace

Many are familiar with the orange or yellow vests that workers wear on a construction project. But a newly implemented program by Aurora Line/I-225 Rail contractor Kiewit Construction Company has a special team wearing blue vests.

It's all part of the Craft Voice in Safety Program (CVIS) program Kiewit has endorsed on all of their projects.

Craft Safety Ambassador Jesse DeGroot (pictured second from left with Albert Williams, Rashawn Curry, Rydell Nez from left to right) manages the program on the Aurora Line/I-225 Rail project. Craft refers to work in the field that requires special skill or artistry, like carpenters or bricklayers.

The mission of CVIS is to promote and provide a safe workplace by making recommendations to correct health and safety concerns voiced by the craft. On the Aurora Line/I-225 Rail project, there are currently ten members who meet weekly to go on a field tour and observe the work. They then meet to discuss current safety concerns witnessed out in the field and develop strategies for how to improve.

Instead of having upper management critique safety concerns out in the field, CVIS presents an opportunity for peer-to-peer engagement. These guys are the eyes and ears for the project manager. Members are able to build relationships with craft in the field in order to encourage a "One Team" approach. Each month, the team collaborates to determine who the safety crew of the month winner is. This crew is then acknowledged for their outstanding safety efforts and awarded a prize.

CVIS members are stepping up as leaders in order to promote a positive safety culture and ensure everyone makes it home to their families after each shift.

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