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Safe Routes to School Grant

The City of Lakewood, in conjunction with its partners, applied for a grant from the Colorado Department of Transportation for pedestrian and bicycle safety training and education program for schools located near the West Rail Line and various congested roads in Lakewood.  The grant was approved on August 29, 2012. RTD is a proud partner in the Safe Routes To School grant and will continue with additional outreach to other affected schools along the West Rail Line.

Affected Schools
Eiber Elementary School
Molholm Elementary School
Jeffco Open School
St. Bernadette Catholic School
Fairview Elementary School
Cowell Elementary School

These schools are located in older residential neighborhoods bounded by busy arterials, including the West Rail Line.  Many students must navigate through these congested and dangerous areas when walking or biking to and from school.  The program is to help educate the schools on safety when walking or biking in these areas. 

City of Lakewood
Operation Lifesaver
Bicycle Colorado
West Metro Fire District
Eiber/Two Creeks Neighborhood
School Districts

Some of the events that RTD, the City of lakewood and its partners will be participating in are the walking and biking Safety Roadshow, Bicycle Colorado outreach and Back to School nights.  They are geared specifically at educating students how to utilize pedestrian crossings, how to to stay off the railroad tracks, how to cross the railroad tracks safely...etc.  

Safety Roadshows
RTD provided a mock light rail crossing to demonstrate how to cross safely, in
addition to other fun safety activities.  The mock crossing includes all items that you might find at a real light rail crossing; swing gates, rail signals, signage, and sound.

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