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Safety along the W Line

For RTD, safety is the number one priority when building and operating a light rail line - even more so when the light rail tracks travel within a residential neighborhood.  The West Rail Line is near four elementary schools just blocks away from the tracks.  Not only is it close to residences and schools, but the pedestrian path parallels tracks.  These elements make safety outreach even more important. 

As part of the safety outreach, the West Rail Line participated in the Safety Roadshows, a safety education program that traveled to schools along the line, and have provided safety information, tours, and presentations for various neighborhoods and communities. 

The West Rain Line continues to reach out to neighborhoods, school, and communities to inform them of important safety messages and training.  If you are interested in setting up a safety presentation, please contact Libby Winter at 

Safety Information Materials

Safety Fact Sheet
Grade Crossing Safety Changes
Safety Coloring Book (English)
Safety Coloring Book (Spanish)

Meet our safety mascot FasTracks Freddy!
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