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'Track Bone' installed at Olde Town Arvada Station

Frank Swanson of Swanson Stone has been providing the highest quality custom stone creations for many of the finest residences and institutions in Colorado for more than 20 years. And now he's adding the Olde Town Arvada Station to his list.

Swanson's art, "Track Bone," was installed in early November at the commuter rail station.


His Colorado-based company has production facilities in Sedalia, south of metro Denver.

His artwork for the Olde Town Arvada Station on the G Line is in the station's transit plaza. This creation is made from Colorado rose red granite. It's dimensions are 4.5 feet x 7 feet x 28 feet.

The city of Arvada produced a video with Swanson talking about Track Bone. It's a piece of art that could be part of Arvada forever. He calls it a "shot at immortality."

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