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The I-225 Rail Line is a 10.5-mile light rail line within the city of Aurora that will provide key regional connections to the East and Southeast rail lines. It is part of FasTracks, RTD's voter-approved plan passed in November 2004 to expand transit service across the Denver metro region.

It will provide connectivity to major activity centers like the Aurora City Center, Anschutz/Fitzsimons Medical Center and Denver International Airport through a transfer at Peoria to the East Rail Line.

How to use the interactive map

To zoom: Click the "+" or "-" buttons on the lower right of the map. You can drag the map around by putting the cursor where desired, clicking left mouse button AND HOLDING, then you can drag map in any direction.

Click on the light blue train logos to see photos and information about each station
along the I-225 Rail Line.

Click on the purple flags to see photos and information about points of interest along the route.

Follow this link to see a larger version of this map
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