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Gold Line Construction Slideshows

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Photos from the Online Gold Line Virtual Tour

Here you an see a slideshow of all of the photos that are mapped on the Gold Line Virtual Tour.


Where is it and What is it? It's the South Platte River Bridge

It's the shared Gold Line/Northwest Rail bridge over the South Platte River. If you've traveled in and out of downtown via Park Avenue lately, you've seen what looks like a bridge to nowhere over the river. Well, we had to build that part first during winter so we'd be out of the river by spring run-off season. Now we're building the north and south approach grades on earth-filled embankments. Enjoy this slideshow of progress photos, taken over seven months from December 2012.


Jersey Cutoff Bridge: Then and Now

Take a look at a year's worth of construction on this major bridge that will carry Gold Line and Northwest Rail trains over a BNSF freight spur called the Jersey Cutoff.


First Rail Welding for Gold Line/Northwest Rail

Work crews began welding the first of the continuous welded rail at a yard on the site of the future Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility north of 48th Avenue and Fox Street during the first week of November 2012. Two more rail welding sites will be set up along the project.


Jersey Cutoff Bridge Construction

Denver Transit Partners construction crews are building a commuter rail bridge east of BNSF Railway's Rennick Yard between 44th and 46th avenues -- next to the former Denver Post printing plant south of Interstate 70. The 506-foot bridge is needed to allow a BNSF freight spur called the Jersey Cutoff to continue in operation to the east of the Rennick Yard. See photos of the work in this slideshow.


Gold Line Maps
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Gold Line Preferred Alternative

Modified CRMF Site Design

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