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About the Contractor

Regional Rail Partners (RRP), a joint venture of Balfour Beatty Rail, Inc. and Graham Contracting Ltd., have been selected to design and build the North Metro Rail Line to 124th Avenue.  They have commited to completing construction of the line by January 2018.  The RRP team includes Stantec Consulting Services on design, Zann and Associates as the DBE lead, Communications Connections Consulting heading up public information, Transit Safety & Security Solutions leading system safety and Systems Consulting, LLC taking the lead on quality assurance, among others.

Graham Contracting Ltd. (Graham) - a leading contractor with a 90-year history of delivering essential infrastructure throughout North America that has completed more than 15 joint venture design/build projects exceeding $4 billion and 600 projects throughout the U.S., including LRT extension projects similar to the NMRL Project, such as the West LRT Extension D/B Project in Calgary-the City's first elevated guideway and station.

Balfour Beatty Rail, Inc. (BBRI) - an industry leader in the design and construction of electrification, power supply systems, track systems, and components for rail projects throughout the U.S.; part of Balfour Beatty, plc, a global leader in transit infrastrtucture with a history spanning more than 100 years; RTD's Systems Contractor of the Year in 2010, 14th in Engineering News Record's Top 20 Transportation Contractors and a member of the joint venture currently delivering the Eagle P3 Project.

Stantec Consulting Services Inc. (Stantec) - an international transportation design firm with a rich 60-year history of providing innovative transit design services to over 200 public transit agencies with project capital costs exceeding $20 billion and a frequent team member of Graham Contracting in the delivering of essential transit infrastructure.

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Please contact:
Kathy Berumen
Public Information Manager, RRP
Office: 720-253-0004 extension 5534

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