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How the I-225 Rail Line and East Rail Line Interface

One of the connections in the FasTracks program that most people are excited about is the I-225 Rail Line's connection to the East Rail Line to the airport.

The two lines meet at the future Peoria Station. The I-225 Rail Line platform at Peoria Station will be right next to the East Rail Line platform, physically located where Smith Road used to be. Smith Road has permanently closed in the area of the station and traffic is now detoured to Moline and then 33rd.

When making this connection, you will get off the I-225 Rail Line, walk to the end of the platform, walk 10 feet to the East Rail Line's staircase or ramp, and walk up onto the East Rail Line's raised platform. The difference in elevation between the commuter rail platform (the train to DIA) and the I-225 Rail Line is about four feet.

It's important to note that you'll be getting off I-225 Rail Line's light rail train and switching to the East Rail Line's commuter rail train -- a new train technology for Denver. Those trains will be bigger and faster than light rail and will have level boarding. For more information on the differences, you can go here.

Rendering shows the future Peoria Station, with the light rail tracks in the forefront and the commuter rail tracks in the back.

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