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There are a total of seven light rail bridges on this project. One of the bridges currently under construction will not carry trains. That's the Florida Avenue pedestrian bridge (rendering on the left).

The I-225 highway Median Bridge (pictured left) will carry the light rail train to the east side of I-225 highway. The 1,200-foot structure is made up of clear spans up to 135 feet in length, two post-tensioned straddle bent caps and ten 96-inch diameter caissons 45 feet long. The train tracks will be directly fixed to this bridge, instead of the concrete ties and ballast rock that you see now on RTD's current light rail lines. Direct fixation is used instead of concrete ties and ballast on bridges that are more than 400 feet long to reduce the weight on the bridge. This is the second longest bridge on the project.

After the train leaves the Iliff Station, it goes over the Iliff Avenue Bridge on the east side of I-225.

The Florida Pedestrian Bridge will be placed over the I-225 highway. It's currently being assembled on the northbound off ramp for Iliff Avenue (pictured left).

  • The fourth bridge on the project is the Mississippi Avenue Bridge.

  • The next light rail bridge on the alignment takes the light rail train over Sixth Avenue. This was the first bridge in Segment 2 to go under construction.

  • Just north of 6th Avenue is the South Toll Gate Creek Bridge. This bridge now has skeleton track on it.

The Colfax Avenue Bridge is north of 13th Avenue. The bridge over Colfax Avenue will have an elevated station. When the public sees this bridge, they may not realize it's actually several different structures. Technically there are two separate bridge structures, which appear to be one long continuous bridge. As such, this is the longest bridge on the project.

After the train goes west on Fitzsimons Parkway, it will head north but will first climb over Peoria Street and Sand Creek. This was the last light rail bridge to go under construction. It's the third largest bridge on the project.

***A pedestrian bridge will be built to give riders better access to the 2nd and Abilene Station. Work on this bridge has not been started yet.
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